How to Wean Your Tech-Addicted Children Off Gadgets?

Does it seem like it’s getting more difficult to get children off of their gadgets nowadays? Technology has indeed taken over our lives, most especially the younger ones. Smart phones and tablets have become the new toys of the digital age. Fortunately, this is not entirely a lost cause.  

Most student care hopes to address this growing problem by encouraging active outdoor play. Aside from school, children should be exposed to different types of learning environment. Thus, finding a student care that believes in the importance of active outdoor play is important.  

Here are a few ideas on how to wean your tech-addicted children off gadgets. 

Access to Gadgets Should not be Readily Available  

We cannot escape the fact that gadgets are a part of our everyday life. To totally deprive the children of such usage is not possible. So, what we can do is to have an agreed timing for play. For example, allow them an hour of gadget-use on weekends. 

Take this advantage to teach them values such as patience and hard work. This way, they can have their fun without sacrificing their academic performance. 

Make Use of Parental Control Settings 

Not many parents know that most gadgets have the so-called “parental control” settings. You can find this in most modern gadgets such as gaming consoles, iPhones, iPads and more. This setting allows parents to set up a password and control what content can be accessed by the child in the device.   

Learning how to go through this feature can greatly help parents deal with their gadget-addicted children. This will also give you the peace of mind that only positive and good content is available for your children to watch. As cliché as this may sound, it is indeed better to be safe than sorry. 

Organize Family Outings and Other Activities 

Identify the reason why your child is on the gadgets most of the day. Could this be because he or is bored? Or there are no playmates around? Organize a fun day out of the house, then! Set up a play date in the local playground or go to a nearby beach with the family.   

Going on trips every now and then will help children take their minds off of the computer or gadgets. Show them that the world is their oyster and they should enjoy it firsthand. 

Set an Example  

Children learn from adults. So, when they see you on your phone all the time, they tend to mimic that. They will think that it is an acceptable behavior because you’re doing it. Let other people in the house follow the rules.  

No phones on the dinner table or no surfing the internet until 3 in the morning. These orders should apply to everyone as well. Do not make your young child an isolated case or he or she will feel the need to rebel. We definitely do not want that to happen.

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