Analyzing Your Behavior And Your Personality Through Dream Translation

All dreams are about your mental health because you must prevent craziness, terror, and despair. Your satanic anti-conscience is more than dangerous.

You don’t want to believe in this truth. You want to believe that you can be happy besides having a primitive conscience, and you want to forget what is bad.

However, God never exaggerates when He sends you nightmares and bad dreams.

You don’t believe that you can someday commit a crime, but this is probable because you have an anti-conscience. The dangerous parts of your personality can destroy your capacity to think logically in a short period of time.

Your personality is composed by numerous contrasting parts, which have a different behavior. In order to improve your personality you have to transform the negative parts of your personality into positive ones.

You can accomplish this goal by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.

The existence of multiple personalities in the same person’s psyche is confirmed when we analyze cases where the same person visibly adopts the behavior of different personality types. We could believe that they imitate their behavior, but the truth is that this behavior belongs to a certain part of their personality.

Numerous contrasting parts of your personality make you have different reactions depending on the situation you are in, as if you had multiple personalities, but this is not clearly visible in your behavior if your conscience is still working.

For example, when you are patient you are controlled by the positive parts of your personality that belong to your conscience. However, when you become angry you are controlled by the negative parts of your personality, which belong to your satanic anti-conscience.

The negative parts of your personality have a violent and immoral behavior. Your dreams help you change their behavior and transform them into helpful parts of your personality.

Many different parts compose your personality because your complex reasoning system has many alternatives at its disposal.

You need the information contained in the dream messages in order to understand which ones are influencing your behavior and how to help them stop making mistakes.

Some parts of your personality are known, but many other ones are unknown. You can recognize only a few parts of your personality. The parts of your personality that belong to your satanic anti-conscience are obscure and incomprehensible.

God produces your dreams in order to show you what your satanic anti-conscience is doing against your conscience to help you protect your human conscience and develop the positive parts of your personality.

You also learn how to transform the negative ones into positive parts of your personality. This way they will help you in life instead of causing mental health problems.

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